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Placentia High Schools

Placentia High School

El Dorado High School

Are you looking forward to moving to a new place with your family where it’s more quiet and productive? If so, what are your preferences for a home or an estate?

What you need to cover is just accessibility. Access to your workplace, the hospital, the grocery, recreation, and education. Want to have access to all of them without the compromise of a stressful environment? Then, this article can recommend you to move to Placentia.

Placentia is teeming with rich culture, recreation, and contentment that one needs for a healthy and sustainable living. One of the trickiest things when considering of moving to a new place is access to education.

Whether you already have a family or planning to have one, education is one of the most important things to consider before moving.

Here’s a list of a few Placentia high schools that you can choose from.

Middle Schools

  1. Col. J. K. Tuffree Middle School
    The Col. J. K. Tuffree Middle School performs above the average in school quality in comparison to other schools in San Clemente, catering to the middle and upper middle residences. Their students perform above average on state tests and have above average results in how well it’s serving disadvantaged students.
  2. Kraemer Middle School
    Another middle school in Placentia that caters to all classes and exudes excellence and executes it well. Kraemer Middle School is a contender when it comes to advanced STEM curriculum and other academic subjects that one should look out for.
  3. Valadez Middle School Academy
    Valadez Middle School Academy, a public middle school that caters to both low and upper classes. Students from this school excel both in linguistics and STEM subjects, and each classroom has a ratio of 1:18.

Senior High School

  1. El Dorado High School
    El Dorado High School is a public school in Placentia with competence and empowerment in their name. The school caters students coming from middle to upper-middle-class residences.
  2. Valencia High School
    The Valencia High School is also commonly known as The Tigers and the largest high school in Placentia. The school has 113 classrooms, a library, fifteen computer labs, and other extensive sports facilities.
  3. El Camino Real Continuation High School
    The El Camino Real Continuation High School is the smallest school in attendance and infrastructure in Placentia. Despite all that, they’re determined to rise above their limitations and compete with other high schools in Placentia.
  4. Parkview High School
    Parkview is a WASC accredited, college preparatory public school in Placentia that caters from lower to upper-middle-class residences. Students enrolled here are exposed to a different and wide variety of learning opportunities and has concurrent classes throughout our district schools and community colleges.

SPED Schools

  1. George Key School
    The school is home to students who have behavioral and communication challenges and severely handicapped students with physical and medical needs. George Key School also has a staff-to-students-ratio and support services that allow educational instruction to be provided per the needs of each student.

These are the list of Placentia high schools. We hope that this article has helped you decide on which high school to enroll to when moving to this beautiful and serene city.