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Placentia Short Sale Your Home


If you are thinking that you are unable to pay your monthly mortgage and the market value of your home is less than what you owe on it, then you may be a candidate to short sale your home with no expense to you, the homeowner. We have can walk you through the short sale process, step by step, and show you how we can successfully sell your home at no expense to you. Short Selling has become the best alternative compared to loan modifications, which can cost you money with no guaranteed results. There are many benefits to short selling your home insted of letting it go to foreclosure. Short sales impact your credit score much less than a foreclosure. You can live in your home until it sells while not having to pay the mortgage. We’re also starting to see banks giving owners money to help them move and complete a short sale. Please contact us at 001-1111-2222 to see if you qualify to short sale your Placentia home.