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Real Estate Marketing Trends for Placentia

Placentia Real Estate

Real estates, for many people, can be a broad and complicated topic to deal with. Real estate agents or brokers usually discuss matters about buildings and properties to those who wish to buy or sell their properties. The assistance provided by these people can give you comprehensive information when trying to consider purchasing a housing unit for your new residence.

Dealing real estate properties can be challenging most of the time. A lot of real estates agents have different marketing strategies. For the past years, real estate in Placentia has developed its marketing trends.

The sales trend of median homes in Placentia has increased by 5% during 2016. Rent prices in Placentia had a $225 increase since December 2016. By April 2017, rent costs decreased from $2,950 to $2,800. This caused to reach its peak of availed rents in Placentia. The rental price decrease indicated 55 additional rents since December 2016.

This marketing trend of real estates in Placentia can be explained by the different marketing strategies used by real estate agents. Some of the common marketing strategies are listed below:

Social Media Marketing

Make use of social media! These tools aren’t limited to posting your day to day life events. The updated version of these tools allows you to do live streaming.

Social media like Instagram and Facebook can be a unique way to create a ‘virtual open house.’ Since it’s live streaming, you can answer different questions from the viewers who might be interested in a housing unit.

Content Marketing

Creating commercial blogs for your real estate businesses can also be helpful. Different information becomes readily available to the public. It’ll be also convenient to your possible clients to access this information.

Personal information about real estate agents and the unit you’re selling are some of the common concerns of the clients. You might want to show off and express your expertise in your field in the section of the blog.


Being aware of the latest updates can be an effective marketing strategy. Market demands highly depends on the clients.

Through understanding current updates with the demographics of your clients, you’ll have an idea of what they want. This technique might be better than guessing games.

Digital Showing

Trendy and simply convenient. This is what digital showing is all about.

Digital showing is an advanced virtual tour which allows the clients to navigate the units. Customers can roam around and allow them to visualize every corner of the properties. A digital show is also a great way for your customers to gather information about your business.

Possible clients are more confident in deciding whether they’ll invest in one of your real estate properties.

Video Promotions

High-quality videos of real estate businesses were seen to be more attractive compared to low-quality videos.

Using drones for capturing a more extensive footage can be very ‘eye-catching’ for the customers. A drone can be effective to improve your ratings by standing out from the crowd.