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Things to Do in Placentia

Placentia is a bedroom community in Southern California. Its sunny weather has been a great plus for people who love to feel the warmth of Orange County.

If you’re visiting this place, the good weather in Placentia is just one of the many things you can experience.


Check out our list below and see which things to do in Placentia suits you.


9 things to do in Placentia

1. The Bruery
715 Dunn Way, Placentia, CA 92870-6806
+1 714-996-6258

Dedicated to craft beers in purest and simplest ways. They don’t pasteurize nor filter their beers. Their bottled beers are gained carbonation via 1005 bottle conditioning. This process allows the natural occurrence of carbonation through a secondary fermentation of the bottled beers. With the use of unconventional ingredients, they’re proud to let you know the ingredients of their beverage. As a brewing community that aims to level up what ‘beer’ is supposed to be, The Bruery is a must-visit place in Placentia.

2. George Key Ranch Historic Park
625 W Bastanchury Rd, Placentia, CA 92870-2230
+1 714-973-3190

A usual place for outdoor or wedding party, this spot captures the perfect Southern charm. Tinged with Alice in Wonderland feels, this place is fit for kids and kids at heart. You may bring your family and let your kids enjoy the green grounds. A day for a picnic is a no-miss in the George Key Ranch Historic Park.

3. Stereo Brewing
950 S Via Rodeo, Placentia, CA 92870-6775
+1 714-993-3390

Here’s another quality brewer on the list. This place genuinely cares about their brews that they’ll be happy to accommodate you even on New Year’s Eve. Be ready to be served with the some of the most friendly staff. Plus! This place is notably tidy. Such a hot spot to celebrate the warmth of the California night.

4. Kelly’s Korner Tavern
909 E Yorba Linda Blvd, Placentia, CA 92870-3658
+1 714-961-9396

If you’re planning to grab one of the best meals in town while catching up a game, Kelly’s Korner Tavern is the place for you. They also have pool tables to up that competitive strand in you. It’s a place with attentive staff, so there’s no need to worry about ruining your night due to bad service. They also have different specials every night. One must-try is the Tribute Nachos since they have treats to die for.

5. The Royal Lounge
909 E Yorba Linda Blvd, Placentia, CA 92870-3658
+1 714-528-6222

Wednesday night is karaoke night! Loosen up a bit along with the young crowd. Dance with the great music and enjoy the beers under $3.00. This place is more of a bar than a restaurant, but the decent acoustics are never out of place. Have fun as the band play familiar tunes to cap the night with all smiles.

6. Scooter’s Jungle
921 S Via Rodeo, Placentia, CA 92870-6780
+1 714-223-5730

This place is one of the perfect venues for parties. Accommodating staff is ready to attend to your needs the moment you enter their doors. If you wish to host an event, this spot may be one of Placentia’s best. A private party for your family and friends is at hand with the Scooter’s Jungle.

7. Crunch
1882 N Placentia Ave, Placentia, CA 92870-2303
+1 714-996-8000

One of your best option to remain in shape while visiting Placentia is the Crunch. This local gym is no fancy like other else, but its friendly staff pulls you to hustle for sweats.

8. Massage Envy Spa Placentia
122 E Yorba Linda Blvd, Placentia, CA 92870-3327
+1 714-528-3689

After a day of hustling with all fun and laughter at Placentia, come home to one of the most relaxing spots in the community. From lessening the chronic pain to reducing stress, this spa has serving more and more locals and visitors every day.

9. Hecho en México
173 W Santa Fe Ave, Placentia, CA 92870-5633
+1 714-353-7517

A hint of Mexico in the streets of Placentia is brought to you by Hecho en México. If you’re a hoarder of Dia de Los Muertos dioramas, multicolored crucifixes covered in bottle caps, and paper mache skeleton statues, this place is for you. This spot exhibits the culture of Mexico too well that you’ll dig their art pieces even if you’re not a fan. Placentia is lucky to have a speck of Mexico that explores authentic art.

Placentia is a perfect definition of suburban treasure that waits to be discovered. Step into the gates of this Southern California community and enjoy the fun things to do in Placentia.